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Redefining the standard in personal protective equipment.

The HTS5 Tactical Suit is a revolutionary two-piece gender specific tactical apparel, that fits easily under standard issue uniform. Quick and easy to deploy by the wearer, it is covert, comfortable and supports a full and unimpeded natural range of motion.

The HTS5 Tactical Suit is designed for blunt force impact management.

A New Standard

Tested to protect the wearer from an impact of 125lb of kinetic energy.

The HTS5 Tactical Suit recorded a force reading of only:
3756 newtons when sustaining a 20 joule impact with a brick.
4225 newtons when sustaining a 20 joule impact from an iron bar.
* Testing conducted by the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch.

The HTS5 Tactical Suit is ergonomically engineered to optimize user performance.

The HTS5 Tactical Suit:

  • Reduces delayed muscle soreness (DoMS)
  • Keeps muscles in line and at optimum position to reduce muscle and ligament strain
  • Expedites musculoskeletal recovery from sustained impact series and/or intensive countermotion
  • Reduces impact-induced muscle vibration

The HTS5 Tactical Suit foundation garment is forged from Coolmax Extreme thermal high performance fabric and features state-of-the-art moisture and body temperature regulation with added microbial and antibacterial properties. Shield inserts are fabricated from a revolutionary impact resistant industrial polymer composite.

The HTS5 Tactical Suit Upper Impact Garment features 12 removable impact management plates positioned at the forearm and elbow, shoulder, clavicle, chest, back and kidney.

The HTS5 Tactical Suit Impact Trouser features 11 removable impact management plates positioned at the shin, calf, knee, thigh, hip and tailbone.

The HTS5 Tactical Suit
Lightweight. Breathable. Even machine washable.